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Virtual Reality – The Future of Gaming

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In today's ever-changing world, new technologies are constantly emerging and contributing towards a better future. One such technology is virtual reality. This article talks about virtual reality, transforming gaming experience for life.

Virtual Reality is a real time experience one gets while experiencing it on a virtual platform. It provides a reality check which was never been perceived before. It's one view is enough to appraise its affinity and prodigious feel. This is what virtual reality is all about. It captures one's imagination and transforms it into a sensational lively experience.

Virtual reality games are competing with each other in a race where limits are being challenged. With just installing the game on your smart phone and simply adjusting with the virtual reality gaming device, gives the user an access to a game play which was never been experienced before.

The gaming industry which is an emerging disciple of virtual reality has already transformed the gaming experience from the yesteryears flat screen gaming concept to this newfangled gaming experience. Virtual Reality has the potential to create a lively virtual experience which was never been possible before. Players witnesses the events similar to the actual real life events. Virtual reality generates a real time game playing experience which is worth appreciating.

Some years back, virtual reality was not every gamers cup of tea as it was highly expensive as compared to the other available gaming options. Sky-high pricing of virtual reality gaming disheartned many game fans and their passion for virtual reality gaming declined slowly.

However, past couple of years have seen a promising side as several top notch gaming companies have launched virtual reality games at a price range almost affordable for all gaming fans. This has induced a significant impact on the future of virtual reality games and home entertainment industry.

Virtual reality gaming just requires a device, inbuilt with a pair of headsets attached over your head and hand controllers or joystick operating behalf of the game playing character. Moreover, headphones are also used for experiencing the gaming sound. Hand controllers convert the hand movements into the game for actual gameplay experience.

Upcoming games on virtual reality platform such as Transference, Beat Saber, Vertical Infinity has already created a buzz in the gaming arena. Their unique selling point is their unusual, never before experienced modernistic concept which is catching the gaming market by storm. Gaming fans have quite a treat in their hands as they will experience virtual reality in a whole new avatar.

Virtual reality device makers such as HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Google Daydream, Samsung Gear VR has charged themselves up for providing a quality virtual reality experience which was never been sensed before. An action pact, lively experience is ready to get unleashed with a promise of a complete neoteric experience.

The future of virtual reality gaming can be seen as quite optimistic as viewers wish to experience such buzz which makes them break all their past imaginations and embrace a new, unexperienced reality. Virtual reality stands as one of the most innovative platforms for years to come.

Check out some of the upcoming virtual reality game links.


posted Jan 29, 2018 by Mohnish Zade

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The most awaited Virtual Reality game is finally here. 'Vertical Infinity' promises you to provide the best of both worlds as it comes with a solitary scientific based virtual reality gaming concept. You can't judge a book by its cover, therefore you need to experience 'Vertical Infinity' which comes with a promise of a complete state-of-the-art experience. Let's make a long story short and see what 'Vertical Infinity' has in  stored for you. 

1. Striking FPS 

First player shooting games (FPS) have always been the favorites of gaming fans as their striking game play enables them to experience the thrill which was never been experienced before. 'Vertical Infinity' has the same compatibility which enables the players to experience the eternal battle between antagonists and protagonists. This remarkable story-line and catchy graphics has already made this game a subject of much concern in the gaming arena. 

2. Lively Graphics -  

The first thing you experience in 'Vertical Infinity' is its scintillating graphics which captivates you to praise its elegantly designed game interior and exquisite graphics. While playing the game, you will surely experience some moments where you forget yourself and loose in its elegant game play. This is only possible through a unique game playing experience like 'Vertical Infinity'.  

3. Concept of Rebirth - 

This unique concept features as the most prominent keynote of the game. When a character gets eliminated, he reemerges as a distinct character according to his karmic points i.e. his assigned credits. For instance, if a sniper gets eliminate in the game, he may reemerge as a bomber or a machine gun equipped character. This enables the game to emerge as a unique contender among its competitors in the virtual reality gaming arena.  

4. Fascinating Story-Line - 

The story-line of this game features on a scientific fiction warfare, where the battle of two ideologies have turned out to become of foremost conclusion. Both the teams have to dominate and defeat the other team and emerge as a contender for the title of the undisputed clans of all times. The characters and the overall game play has hit the nail on the coffin which sets this game on the much-awaited ride for fame in the gaming arena.  

5. Battle of Heart versus Head - 

'Logica' and 'Eternia', two teams which features in the game are bound to think from head and heart. This ideology is the main reason for their clash as they both desire to establish themselves as a supreme ruler of the universe. This intense battle has reached its conclusion where the battle of heart and head will decide an ultimate conqueror. The galaxy awaits, as the battle for victory initiates with the emergence of these two dominant ideologies. 


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'Vertical Infinity', a Sci-Fi action FPS (First player shooting) game has surely immersed itself for an out of the box virtual reality real play gaming experience which definitely sets the momentum on. Gamer's would not only experience the most scintillating experience of their lives but also a never before witnessed unique story-line campaign as well. It all comes in a single bundle of exciting gaming experience just for the gaming fans.  

In Vertical Infinity, the battle of heart versus head takes place in a galaxy where only one achieves the ultimate supremacy. 'Team Logica' fights for their complete dominance with their one-directional, mechanical assigned path. On the other hand, 'Team Eternia', which takes decision from heart, fights for unity, peace and tranquility. Both teams have their issues to resolve and the final result of the battle will reorder everything.  

The characters designed in the game represents an ideology on which the game is built i.e. 'Invaders and Defenders'. 'Team Logica' consists of bots characters and 'Team Eternia' includes half human, half machine characters. Weapon inventory includes weapons which are a gateway towards the mass destruction. Rocket launchers, machine guns, assault rifles, snipers, hand grenades and many more such weapons are added for a complete optimistic gaming experience.  

Concept of rebirth has surely become a new sensation for this game where a character gets a new life with a new avatar itself. Teleportation can be seen as something with supports the games theme where a player can teleport and save itself from the enemy attack. New an exciting terrains are all awaiting to be explored where 9 real life planets with a distinct theme are all for serve. A player has to play, keeping a specific mindset while facing the enemy head on.  

Being a Sci-Fi gaming fan, I personally feel that 'Vertical Infinity' has many more milestones to accomplish. For all the FPS lovers, this is the best destination to halt. Let's get set for the breathtaking experience of your lifetime.

Vertical Infinity   




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The most renowned games on any mobile phone you will ever see are especially racing games, where fast running racing cars have always dominated the scene. On such a platform, 'tTorque', a uniquely designed single/multiplayer mode racing game has revealed itself with a bang. Being compatible with 'Virtual Reality' platform, it promises to deliver much more than the expected.  

Loaded with multiplayer terrains and sensational tracks, players will witness a real time eye-catching vehicles from cars, trucks to all over hovercrafts. This breathtaking racing experience with competitive opponents and occasional drift challenges, sets this game on cloud nine. The game's stunning 3D graphics are marvelously designed and game controls are ideal for any novice player.     

15 new avatars, 6 sensational terrains with 72 levels included, 'tTorque' comes with a real distinctive appeal. Auto acceleration mode with auto restore power to get back on the track are the main additions in its gameplay. Earning mudras, stars and skill points by securing highest position and unlocking the next level, challenges the players to compete for the winning position. 

Its high action camera mode ensures the game's smooth display and dynamics. A player can experience the fabulous game play and dramatic in game display which speaks of the elegance and artistry of this game. A player can compete and score a high-ranking position on the global ranking leader-board. 

'tTorquesurely has an edge that catches an eye of the gamer as it delivers a never before witnessed thrilling racing experience of all times. Available on Android and Play Store, its soon launching on iOS and app store. 'tTroque' comes with weekly updates and exciting new contest for gamers.  

Let's get ready for a unique real time racing experience, tTorque!!! 


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How real is Reality? 

VR is all about story telling and immerse the viewer of the story in the environment. There are many ways of telling stories since time immemorial, some of them are may be: 

There are people, who can tell the story in such a wonderful way that listeners feel themselves part of the story. 

Live play, is another medium. 

Movies in theatre try to recreate the same thing. 

3D cinema one direction ahead, where they make you feel part of the story. 

4D cinema try to bring in other environmental factors in the hall. 

So since ages, story teller are trying to immerse the audience in their stories, they wants everyone to become part of it, that’s the success for them. 

Virtual Reality takes this to next level. It gives you and HMD (Head Mounted Device), once you wear and start the topic, you are completely into it, cut off from the external world. Now there are many factors and one of them is good design of interaction points with the user, details in graphics design etc. matters a lot. If good design is not done, user will feel nausea, dizziness, heavy head etc. 

Let’s look at how a good design helps user to enjoy in VR: 

There are external trackers are also coming, again these are additives to the VR world. 

What are users doing in VR? Are they playing Games only or something else? 

Games is definitely one of the most popular thing to do in VR but it’s being used in many different domains, from architecture visualization, real estate, training, military training, marriage, marketing, medical, education etc. 

Range of different types of HMD’s are available or about to enter the market, on top end HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Gear VR from Samsung is the most popular phone based VR headset in the market (more than 5 million user base). There are many standalone HMD’s are entering in the market with the claims of 6DoF by them so time will be interesting with these new devices. 

Is 360* imagery and video is still the most popular thing in VR? 

Yes, this is one of the most popular category and 1 reason could be availability of content in 360*. You can use rendered images or use a camera (like Ricoh Theta) to take photos, videos, stitch them and create interesting stories, this is one of the fastest medium and cost effective too. 

I think it’s just the beginning so get ready to immerse!

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