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AR as a next revolutionary computing platform

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AR & VR as a next computational platform:

What is AR:

Augmented Reality, as name suggests, augment or super imposes something in the real world feed from camera. Our eyes are the window or gateway for us to this world, we are able to see things using our eyes, our mind is processing things, which are seen by the eyes and part of that is being stored in our memory. So when we go again to some place, our eyes connect with mind and stored memory to figure out, what has been experienced before in that space.

How is AR playing a role in this? Are we comparing AR with our eyes? 

Answer is, yes, of course! Not just 1 additional eye but multiple of them at different angles, with it’s own mind and memory storage. When we wear an AR glasses, it’ll have multiple sensors, camera with depth sensing capabilities attached to it, it’ll scan the environment (like our eyes are scanning), store the data on cloud. So when you go next time wearin AR glasses in the same space, it’ll contact it’s mind and storage on cloud, which will give it info on that environment. 

So what are the use cases, where all we can use it?

Almost everywhere, in industrial environment, complex machines, healthcare, training, trouble shooting, and most importantly entertainment. Sriram Ganesh, CEO, is working on a AR platform which will even work on a very basic 100$ Android phones, they are cleverly shifting majority of the load on cloud to achieve this.

Isn’t robotic surgery is using the similar AR technologies and pretty successful in that? Dr. Vinoy Singh from the audience gave a good perspective on that.

So why is this a revolution?

Isn’t in 100$ you are able to get a new eyes a revolution? Fitting in those small glasses and phones is the game changer, you may be roaming around with multiple eyes, backed with AI and unlimited storage on cloud. 

Happy Maha Shiva Ratri


posted Feb 13, 2018 by Sunil Maheshwari

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How real is Reality? 

VR is all about story telling and immerse the viewer of the story in the environment. There are many ways of telling stories since time immemorial, some of them are may be: 

There are people, who can tell the story in such a wonderful way that listeners feel themselves part of the story. 

Live play, is another medium. 

Movies in theatre try to recreate the same thing. 

3D cinema one direction ahead, where they make you feel part of the story. 

4D cinema try to bring in other environmental factors in the hall. 

So since ages, story teller are trying to immerse the audience in their stories, they wants everyone to become part of it, that’s the success for them. 

Virtual Reality takes this to next level. It gives you and HMD (Head Mounted Device), once you wear and start the topic, you are completely into it, cut off from the external world. Now there are many factors and one of them is good design of interaction points with the user, details in graphics design etc. matters a lot. If good design is not done, user will feel nausea, dizziness, heavy head etc. 

Let’s look at how a good design helps user to enjoy in VR: 

There are external trackers are also coming, again these are additives to the VR world. 

What are users doing in VR? Are they playing Games only or something else? 

Games is definitely one of the most popular thing to do in VR but it’s being used in many different domains, from architecture visualization, real estate, training, military training, marriage, marketing, medical, education etc. 

Range of different types of HMD’s are available or about to enter the market, on top end HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Gear VR from Samsung is the most popular phone based VR headset in the market (more than 5 million user base). There are many standalone HMD’s are entering in the market with the claims of 6DoF by them so time will be interesting with these new devices. 

Is 360* imagery and video is still the most popular thing in VR? 

Yes, this is one of the most popular category and 1 reason could be availability of content in 360*. You can use rendered images or use a camera (like Ricoh Theta) to take photos, videos, stitch them and create interesting stories, this is one of the fastest medium and cost effective too. 

I think it’s just the beginning so get ready to immerse!

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Sharang, a warrior and a formidable aid of Sheyna is not just a normal soldier who fight for his side but an ignored strategist who knows the way to hit the bulls-eye. However, he has always been ignored by his team mates for being an amateur combatant who is unable to cause a hefty contraction in the war of virtue and justice.

Although, the secret lies within him which was once shared by his beloved master. This mysterious master is none other than a prominent veteran warrior who trained Sharang in the art of war and tactics. But, no one in Eternia knows in regards to this esteemed skill of Sharang which may come forth as a deadly weapon in the war of destruction.

This secret consists of a weapon which can be manhandled by just one spirit, can qualify as a nightmare for the opposition. Sharang knows where to find this weapon and the name of that one personage, who is competent enough to fire this so called weapon of destruction. However, team Eternia is completely ignorant regarding this fact that Sharang can prove to be their savior against the mighty side of Logica.  

As the saying says it all ‘Cometh the occasion cometh the man,’ Sharang terms to be the man of the hour who can play a role of a game changer in the wild pack of cards. But his little secret is still swept quietly under the run, which is not yet express but rather hidden in the clutches of misery.

Will Sharang ever convey this fact to his teammates? Will Team Eternia avail such weapon against Team Logica, which is the only barrier in their way towards the final triumph?

Many more such mysteries awaits as the battle emerges to its final verge.

Vertical Infinity..