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How Rebirth Defines the Game Philosophy - Vertical Infinity

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'Vertical Infinity', an FPS Sci-Fi theme virtual reality enabled game has emerged with a theme with a never before. Its unique story-line, fascinates the attention of the gamers were the battle of 'Heart versus Head' stands as the prime constraint of the game. Being 'Virtual Reality' at its core, this game promises much more than the expected. Its unique characters and levels signifies a much different reality.

Rebirth stands out as the most prominent keynote of this game. When talking about rebirth, one gets lost in its suspicious understanding and unresolved mystery. No one had ever yet resolved this strange concept. It has been written in ancient books and read by so many scholars from all over the centuries about this concept. 

Talking about rebirth in 'Vertical Infinity', when a character gets eliminated, he can reappear in the game as a character equipped with a same characteristic. For instance, if a sniper gets killed in combat by the opponent, he may re-emerge as a sniper itself. Thus, this is defined by the karmic points which he earns in the game. 

Hence, when the character takes a rebirth, he can upgrade his weapon according to his game-play and the time he allots for playing and collecting the karmic points. He can advance from his basic capabilities to higher skills from collecting the karmic points. This concept of rebirth specializes in becoming the core feature of the game which distinguishes it with other FPS games.

'Vertical Infinity' definitely has something unique to offer for the FPS gaming fans. The new future of 'Virtual Reality' gaming has set foot right into the homes of the gamers with such fresh and retrieving game-play and unique story-line FPS mode. Lets get ready to experience such scintillating action just on your fingertips.

Vertical Infinity

For information on rebirth, check out the following link.


posted Mar 15, 2018 by Mohnish Zade

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1. Virtual Reality at It's Core -

Virtual reality had been termed as the next big thing in the gaming arena. It has quickly grasped people's attention and made its place in their mind. 'Vertical Infinity' gives an exact proposition and pays well to this emerging concept. This spectacle can be witnessed by simply playing it on any available platform and experience the new buzz which challenges all gaming limits.


2. Scintillating Graphics -

'Vertical Infinity' promises a game play with an absolute stunning visuals effects which illustrates its zeal and mesmerizing artwork. The whole game is designed in such a way that, it doesn’t make the player his eye blink which totally grabs his attention in an instant. Game terrains, characters and its interior built has been projected remarkably well.


3. Multiplayer Scientific-Shooter Game -

Scientific, futuristic themes are always being a fascination for people as they always await for something out of the ordinary. The story line of 'Vertical Infinity' revolves around two future civilizations who are battling a war which humans are fighting for ages. 'First player shooter' (FPS) games being always a topmost choice of game fans, if provide with an option of multiplying, that definitely sets the game on demand.


4.The Battle Of Heart versus Head -

It all boils down to the fact that this game has commenced itself with a never before witnessed concept where the clash of two frames of minds are set to eventualize. Consisting of two sides, 'Logica' and 'Eternia' where 'Logica' takes decisions from head and 'Eternia', from heart. These two ideologies separates 'Eternia' and 'Logica' from their actions which will determine the actual repercussion of the game.


5. Modernistic Characters -

Characters in 'Vertical Infinity' has their own uniqueness as they are not only advanced machines, but also packed with ultra-modern skills which sets them apart from their contemporaries. Each of the character specializes in a particular weapon which gives an edge to outsmart their opponents. The basic ideology of heart and head which control the way they think is the foremost constraint of the decisions they make which in fact determines their hustle in the game.


Check out the following 'Vertical Infinity' links.





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‘Vertical Infinity’ is the emerging FPS (First Player Shooting) ‘Virtual Reality’ enabled game which promises to be a much more thrilling gaming experience than any other available gaming genres. Filled with a complete scintillating interface, ‘Vertical Infinity’ comes with a complete action pact gaming simulation which can be witnessed with your very own eyes. This game has everything a gaming fan desires, plus it can all be experience in Virtual Reality real-play mode.

However, many games have tried in past to test their metal in ‘Virtual Reality’ gaming but very few of them were able to surpass the gamers attention. The best thing about ‘Vertical infinity’ is its overall game playing experience consisting of graphics, characterization and its unique storyline campaign which takes the game on another level. The controls of the game are very user friendly and suits any gaming condition.

The storyline of ‘Vertical Infinity’ consists of two teams named as ‘Team Eternia’ and ‘Team Logica’ who are fighting a war since time immemorial. ‘Logica’ is a combination of bolts and machines who have their straightforward ideology which represents their thinking from the head. On the other side ‘Eternia’ consists of half human half bolts who are bound to think from heart and act as their conscious guides them to, for the benefit of the entire humanity.

The weapons being introduced in the game includes from heavy rocket launchers to long edged snipers which can be termed as a deadly weapon in any provided situation. Players can choose their weapons as per the terrain they participate. Talking about terrains, ‘Vertical Infinity’ comes with nine real life planet terrains which have its own specifications and boundaries. In each new terrain, one has to play its own strategy to dominate the opponent.

‘Vertical infinity’ also includes two most ancient concepts which can be traced from the ancient books of ‘Vedas’ and ‘Upanishads’ termed as ‘Karma’ and ‘Rebirth’ which can be experienced while playing the game in person. While a character dies in the game, he remerges in the game which this special feature and each of them are bound by a karmic bond having a special ability to fight and perform in the game whenever the adverse situation arise.

‘Vertical infinity’ is soon going to launch itself on VR, Stream, Android and iOS with a promise of performing an experience of a lifetime ready to get unveiled for the first time ever. So, be ready to experience the real-time multiplayer gaming sensation.

‘Vertical infinity’                                                                                         



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In many scientific warfare game, bolts having a unique futuristic look plays a very crucial role. They deliver an astounding first impression which introduces the overall theme of the game. Likewise, 'Vertical Infinity' comes with a futuristic concept which is going to be a treat for the gaming fans. These automated flying machines fascinates the gamers which exhibits the popularity of the game.  

Flying drones are the next generation machines any scientific futuristic game play would like to incorporate. Being flying machines, they have an ability to fly at high range without much accuracy problem. Landing and take-off is not a trouble for them from any topography. They are remarkable machines with an advanced aerial capacity.      

Targeting drones can be a much herculean task as they fly high in the sky with having an access to shoot at any place irrespective of the assigned targets. The only best option is to fire from a rocket launcher as it carries the strength and vigor to destroy them completely. Other weapons are of no use in targeting drones as they possess low accuracy and a lighter range which is only competent in ground one- to-one combat assault. 

However, inclusion of drones in any game may produce a striking impact on the extensive side of the game. The future of gaming promises to be very optimistic and the emergence of virtual reality technology has vastly contributed towards the betterment of the gaming where such new concepts are evolving day by day.