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Vertical Infinity - 'The Battle Begins'

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FPS (First Player shooting) games are not unfamiliar anymore as many such games can be seen in the gaming arena. However, 'Vertical Infinity' has come up with a brand new concept which revolves around the two ideologies named as 'Heart' and 'Head'. There are those who think from head and others from heart. No identical conclusion can be drawn between these two philosophies. This game portrays these two modes of thinking in a very specific manner.

Two team which are battling a war since time immemorial are on the verge of facing each other for a conclusive battle. Both teams have their own ideologies and acts according to their guidance and impulse. 'Team Logica' relies on their head for decision making which influences their actions. Overall dominance is their main motive. 'Team Eternia' relies on heart which beautifies their decision making. Peace and tranquility is their motto.

Vertical Infinity, defines this battle on 9 different terrains which were unconquerable before. Each team has a home terrain while the other tries to conquer it. One team plays a role of invaders while the other plays as defenders. Each team has certain characters being expert in a weapon and a specific predefined style of a game play which contributes to each team being compatible for the other in the battlefield.

Rebirth and Karmic points are the backbones of the game defining the games uniqueness which sets asides this game from its contemporaries. Rebirth defines a characters fighting ability in the game and karmic points are the decider of the characters progress in the game. More the karmic points a character earns, more he can unlock the weapons from the weapon inventory and can enhance his playing abilities as well. 

The game is soon launching itself on Stream, iOS and Android with 'Virtual Reality' being at its core, promises a scintillating lifetime gaming experience. Gaming fans would definitely experience this phenomenal game including the new additions as well. 

Vertical Infinity


posted Mar 20, 2018 by Mohnish Zade

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What time is it? You must have guessed it right, its gaming time. Once upon a time, this slogan was heard everywhere and it still does. From 'Lord of The Rings' to 'Dragon Ball Z' every fiction film and animation fan wish to experience such fascinating concepts. Many search engines are being flooded with similar search queries. What a sheer spending time that is while watching your favorite movie or television series with having a slice of a pizza in your hand.

One such eye catching notion of gaming is planning to enter in the gaming market with a prime appeal of creating a state-of-the-art 'Virtual Reality' game-play named as 'Vertical Infinity'. A story of two future civilizations fighting a war since time immemorial are now at their concluding phase. 'Team Eternia' which consisting of the half human and half robots have pledged to save their civilization from the other that is 'Team Logica' which includes all robots, thinks and acts from their head side.

Talking about the game characters, both the teams are well versed having experts in a particular combat style. For instance, sniper specialists, rocket launcher experts, machine gun experts and close combat specialists are already present in both the teams. Both 'Team Eternia' and 'Team Logica' differs in their approach, their behavior as the concept of heart and head always comes into the scene. Logica characters are target driven therefore their approach is to kill the enemy without any team support. However, Eternia characters are always in the proximity of each other.

This game provides terrains with the theme of the planets with similar references to our galaxy. Planet Mars, Moon and other such similar terrains are part of the game where a player can experience a real time gaming scenario. The other interesting things about 'Vertical Infinity' is the concept of 'Karma' and 'Rebirth' which is an integral part of the game. Furthermore, levitation mode displays a characters ability to expand his firing capabilities and helps in saving his life often. 

'Vertical infinity' is on the verge of its release and soon going to launch on VR, Stream, iOS and Android platforms. The gaming fans will surely witness this unique, out of the box 'Virtual Reality' experience which will drive them nuts. So, get ready to experience this sensational gaming experience.

'Vertical Infinity'   


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I am personally a huge fan of FPS (First Player Shooting) games and always wanted to experience a different realty which challenges my core notions. I played many FPS games but always found a commonality among all. Many of them were of the same storyline and repeated orthodox concept. However, I just found something out which turned as a complete surprise for me. 

'Vertical Infinity' an FPS game integrated with 'Virtual Reality', really attracted my fascination towards it. When I started to gathering more information about the game, I got more amazed. The philosophy of the game comes from the ancient scriptures of India where 'Karma' and 'Rebirth' were signified as the two most important pillars of the human race. The game revolves around the two basic ideologies that emerges from 'Heart' and 'Head'.  

The overall experience of the game is breathtaking and its in-game graphics are designed in a very specific mannerBeing competent with 'Virtual reality', this game surely gives an edge with this new and advanced technology, enhancing the core experience of the game. Being a hardcore gaming fan, I have witnessed it with my own eyes, therefore, I am pretty sure that this game definitely has a huge potential for success in the gaming arena. 

'Vertical Infinity' revolves around the story-line of two teams called as 'Eternia' and 'Logica', fighting a battle since time immemorial to prove their superiority and dominance over the other. They both have their own specific ideologies i.e. 'Heart' and 'Head' and the commitment to emerge as the supreme warrior clan. 'Team Eternia' takes decisions from the Heart side which reflects their engrossed understanding of peace and tranquility whereas 'Team Logicathinks for the Head side which points out towards more conditional, straightforward, mission driven thinking.  

'Vertical Infinity' is soon going to launch on VR, Stream, iOS and Android. So, get ready to experience this action pact story-line, FPS gaming sensation. 

Vertical Infinity 


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Gone are those days where one needed to spend his half earnings in purchasing high priced gaming equipment. Nevertheless, advanced technologies and thorough research has definitely given a signal towards a better gaming experience. Most of the available gaming devices are full of new innovative concepts and thrilling gaming experiences in which the players finds himself in other world.

The most emerging technology called as ‘Virtual Reality’ has taken the gaming market by storm as it portrays a never before experienced gaming reality. On such innovative platform, ‘Vertical Infinity’ a game that sets its own standards, has come up with a notion worth appreciation. The makers of ‘Vertical infinity’ has left no stone unturned to create an astounding gaming sensation.

The game consist of two teams, ‘Team Eternia’ and ‘Team Logica’ who are fighting a war since the time immemorial. ‘Team Eternia’ consists of half human and half bolts which thinks and acts from the heart whereas ‘Team Logica’ consists of machines which takes their decision from the head. These two different ideologies, sets them apart from their ultimate objectives.

The game graphics are worth appreciating as they are been created according to the theme of the game. The ancient concept of Karma and Rebirth are being included in the game which can be experienced while playing the game. The characters of the game are also been designed according to the two distinct ideologies of the teams which functions on heart and head.

‘Vertical Infinity’ is soon going to launch itself of VR, stream, Android and iOS. Gamers would definitely experience the real side of this out of the box gaming sensation which will hold them on their seats. The enthralling graphics, unique gameplay, and mesmerizing in-game sound will definitely push the gaming experience on the next level. Therefore, be ready to experience this unique sensational gaming experience.

‘Vertical Infinity’


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here is the fun part, when you work in a company which develop games. It's even more fun when someone create a video in a very funny way ;)