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tTorque is now on google play store

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our racing game now available on Android with support for VR, multiplayer.

iOS version is coming very soon. There is one for HTC Vive too, which will be available soon. This version has many interesting game plays, level, terrains and realistic physics engine for racing. There are cars, and EV too!

posted May 3, 2018 by anonymous

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Gone are those days where one needed to spend his half earnings in purchasing high priced gaming equipment. Nevertheless, advanced technologies and thorough research has definitely given a signal towards a better gaming experience. Most of the available gaming devices are full of new innovative concepts and thrilling gaming experiences in which the players finds himself in other world.

The most emerging technology called as ‘Virtual Reality’ has taken the gaming market by storm as it portrays a never before experienced gaming reality. On such innovative platform, ‘Vertical Infinity’ a game that sets its own standards, has come up with a notion worth appreciation. The makers of ‘Vertical infinity’ has left no stone unturned to create an astounding gaming sensation.

The game consist of two teams, ‘Team Eternia’ and ‘Team Logica’ who are fighting a war since the time immemorial. ‘Team Eternia’ consists of half human and half bolts which thinks and acts from the heart whereas ‘Team Logica’ consists of machines which takes their decision from the head. These two different ideologies, sets them apart from their ultimate objectives.

The game graphics are worth appreciating as they are been created according to the theme of the game. The ancient concept of Karma and Rebirth are being included in the game which can be experienced while playing the game. The characters of the game are also been designed according to the two distinct ideologies of the teams which functions on heart and head.

‘Vertical Infinity’ is soon going to launch itself of VR, stream, Android and iOS. Gamers would definitely experience the real side of this out of the box gaming sensation which will hold them on their seats. The enthralling graphics, unique gameplay, and mesmerizing in-game sound will definitely push the gaming experience on the next level. Therefore, be ready to experience this unique sensational gaming experience.

‘Vertical Infinity’


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Finally, the wait is over. Here we stand to witness the most sensational racing gaming experience of all times, 't-Torque.' 

An ultimate Multi Player Racing Game which has no layers to unfold, no limits to unleash, is finally in limelight with its worldwide launch on Play Store. With its scintillating 3-D graphics, Sci-fi theme, terrain like drive crazy on Pluto, 18 new competition levels with multiplayer option, makes this game a must play for all. 't-Torque' is fully compatible with 'Virtual Reality' mode which is the icing on the cake.Collecting 'mudras' and unlocking cars and Electric Vehicles and also facing hurdles like falling bus, trucks and various car models, attracts the players attention like a moth to the flame. 

Stop wasting your time and grab your version now and experience once and for all the ultimate race of a lifetime using Virtual Reality head sets and feel the race. 

't-Torque' Game link: