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Have you ever imagined driving crazily on Mars and Pluto?? Now Feel It !!!!

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Finally, the wait is over. Here we stand to witness the most sensational racing gaming experience of all times, 't-Torque.' 

An ultimate Multi Player Racing Game which has no layers to unfold, no limits to unleash, is finally in limelight with its worldwide launch on Play Store. With its scintillating 3-D graphics, Sci-fi theme, terrain like drive crazy on Pluto, 18 new competition levels with multiplayer option, makes this game a must play for all. 't-Torque' is fully compatible with 'Virtual Reality' mode which is the icing on the cake.Collecting 'mudras' and unlocking cars and Electric Vehicles and also facing hurdles like falling bus, trucks and various car models, attracts the players attention like a moth to the flame. 

Stop wasting your time and grab your version now and experience once and for all the ultimate race of a lifetime using Virtual Reality head sets and feel the race. 

't-Torque' Game link:

posted May 7, 2018 by Nimisha

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The last battle of heart versus head is on the edge where only one will prove to be an ultimate survivor. Nausha, the commander of ‘Team Logica’ who represents head over heart is the flag-bearer and the most feared warrior, knows how to kill an enemy on the sight. However, the way in which ‘Team Logica’ attacks their opponents can either prove to be a winner or turn as a disaster in disguise.

The whole protocol of ‘Team Logica’ runs on the shoot at sight code where team play is not much of a game for them. They are mechanized machines who follows an already set commands which are not connected to the rational thinking ability. ‘Team Logica’ are overoptimistic about their abilities and hardly concerned regarding their combat tactics.

But as once a wise mans quoted the following words ‘The best weapon against an enemy is another enemy’ Team Logica’s overenthusiastic, straightforward combat strategy can turn their heads against their sake, which means the lack in teamwork may become a huge hurdle for them to win this final war of survival.

On the other hand, ‘Team Eternia’ which is a combination of half human half machines, has an intangible connect of heart which enables them to support and cover their team mates during a combat situation which is their biggest strength. This unseen, vital trait may become a stepping stone for ‘Team Eternia’ and prove to be a barrier for team Logica in its way towards victory.

Nevertheless, being ignored with this fact, Nausha seems to be missing the whole point here. The war which decides the faith of two ancient civilizations representing heart and head, fighting the war since time immemorial has to put forth their best for becoming the emerging side of victory. This straightforward, man to man killing technique, without any support from the fellow comrades can qualify as a nightmare for ‘Team Logica.’

The war of heart versus head since time immemorial has finally come to its conclusion.

Vertical Infinity..