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Sharang, the quietest among the Eternia, somehow knows a secret to eliminate Team Logica. What is this secret all about?

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Sharang, a warrior and a formidable aid of Sheyna is not just a normal soldier who fight for his side but an ignored strategist who knows the way to hit the bulls-eye. However, he has always been ignored by his team mates for being an amateur combatant who is unable to cause a hefty contraction in the war of virtue and justice.

Although, the secret lies within him which was once shared by his beloved master. This mysterious master is none other than a prominent veteran warrior who trained Sharang in the art of war and tactics. But, no one in Eternia knows in regards to this esteemed skill of Sharang which may come forth as a deadly weapon in the war of destruction.

This secret consists of a weapon which can be manhandled by just one spirit, can qualify as a nightmare for the opposition. Sharang knows where to find this weapon and the name of that one personage, who is competent enough to fire this so called weapon of destruction. However, team Eternia is completely ignorant regarding this fact that Sharang can prove to be their savior against the mighty side of Logica.  

As the saying says it all ‘Cometh the occasion cometh the man,’ Sharang terms to be the man of the hour who can play a role of a game changer in the wild pack of cards. But his little secret is still swept quietly under the run, which is not yet express but rather hidden in the clutches of misery.

Will Sharang ever convey this fact to his teammates? Will Team Eternia avail such weapon against Team Logica, which is the only barrier in their way towards the final triumph?

Many more such mysteries awaits as the battle emerges to its final verge.

Vertical Infinity..


posted Jul 7, 2018 by Mohnish Zade

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“I will end Eternia for Eternity.” These words straight came from ‘Nausha’s mouth where he once swore to terminate ‘Team Eternia’ and erase their existence from the books of history. However, 'Nausha' started to realize in his blurry past recollections that he was once a part of ‘Team Eternia.’ Yes, he belonged to the same crew he is set to fight a battle of life and death with.

For ‘Nausha,’ Logica is his new home. “I am only born for this day when ‘Team Logica’ will rule the entire universe.” Nausha’s words itself recite his deep inner intentions of faith and loyalty. But what if Nausha falls while fighting? Without the leadership of ‘Nausha,’ ‘Team Logica’ has to rely on ‘Seyan’ to bear the flag of leadership.

But for 'Seyan,' his arrogance and goods looks are his biggest envy. He cannot lead the clan like ‘Nausha’ does. ‘Team Logica’ needs ‘Nausha’ like a strong mountain facing a sea storm head on. Like ‘Seyan’ always boasts about his credentials, “I am a leader, a leader better than ever.” Although, he can’t match up with ‘Nausha.’

However, someone already knows this hidden secret of the real identity of ‘Nausha.’ He knows that ‘Nausha’ is not just a robotic bolt but a mysterious character having a secret past hidden in the clutches of misery awaiting to get unleash, which may clearly leave no stone unturned. But, will that anonymous person convey this secret to ‘Team Eternia’ or will he keep numb so that the road towards the victory doesn’t gets affected?

On the other side, the hidden mystery between ‘IRA’ and ‘Nausha’, lost in the chains of past, had rejuvenated once again. Consisting of agony, pain and the unfulfilled desires to reunite once again and this time for eternity. What is the real truth behind Nausha’s fight against Eternia? Is ‘Nausha’ fighting this war to reunite with ‘IRA’ or does he still adores the flame of vengeance in his mind for which he leads ‘Team Logica’ towards a war since time immemorial?

The war is here, get ready to experience.

‘Vertical Infinity’

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Sheyna, was very dedicated to her team, her behavior suddenly changed, team was stunned to know what has happened?

Sheyna, A very beautiful lady was also the brains behind the execution of ‘Team Eternia.’-The believers. Her dedication towards her team was at par. She also lived for just one mission that is to eliminate ‘Team Logica’-Opponents, who wanted to become the supreme rulers of the universe. She is a very adaptive and skilled warrior who is not scared of dying. However, no one really knows her past history much as she itself is a mystery unresolved. Sheyna is very much skilled in using machine gun and close combat battles and very adept in analyzing the strategic intentions of the enemy.

However, her sudden demeanor changes were a big concern for ‘Team Eternia.She started to act suspiciously. Her overindulging nature and lack in following the protocols were creating a barrier for the team. Her aloofness was not getting in lined with the core objectives of ‘Team Eternia’ which were formed to accomplish a mission of conquest on ‘Team Logica.’ What could really be the cause of her sudden switch? Is there any mystery related to this girl having a past unknown?or is there a second person who is spying on her team? What might be his real intention? Is he the reason?

This is an indication of some mis-happening in near future .

Many more such mysteries are awaiting to get unleashed which will shake your core completely. Stay tuned for more and get ready to experience.

‘Vertical Infinity’..The Game in Making....Coming soon....................

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